We accept all Sports and smartwatches. You can connect your Garmin directly to inphota or connect your watch to Strava.

Please connect your watch with the Strava application. Your Strava account or Garmin account must be connected with inphota in order for your activities to be uploaded. You can connect your Strava or Garmin Account by visiting your inphota Profile. Click on 'Profile', top right hand side of the inphota page, click on social and you will see a button to connect your Strava account or Garmin account. You can just click the following link https://www.inphota.com/profile/social/.

If Strava does not accept your watch, you can upload your results manually. You will find this option labelled 'submit manual results' found above recent registrations for the event you have registered for.

Please know that if you would you like to submit manual results, please submit your results along with image proof to log any attempts towards the event.
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