Record your activity via your Fitbit, on your treadmill, via a running application that can record your distance or via a smartwatch that is linked to your Strava account.

Stava and Fitbit: Your Strava or Fitbit account must be paired with your inphota account. The activities that match an event you have entered will be uploaded automatically. Please connect your Strava or Fitbit acocunt here

Please know that Strava does not support all smartwatches. If you are unable to connect your smartwatch to your Strava account you may upload your results manually. If you would like to record a run indoors please adjust your settings.

Running application or treadmill: Please submit your results manually. You will find this option labelled 'submit manual results' found above recent attempts. Please know that if you would you like to submit manual results, please submit your results along with image proof to log any attempts towards the event.

Please know that the application or GPS may not be accurate, thus results may vary

Please know you we need you to record the specific distance of your designated event. Our system will not pick up your attempt if it is more than 5% over the specified distance. For example, if you register for the 10K and run 10.6K the system will not pick up your run, likewise if you run under the designated distance this will not be picked up.
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